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Web Design, Video Creation, Poems and Inspiration. Let me help you create your inspiration, your vision and your dream.

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I am honored and priviliged to have had the opportunity to watch and witness amazing growth in people and companies as they begin their website journey. I am are here to create professional and unique websites. Large or small, let me help you create your vision and your dream.

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About Us

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I have been creating websites, music videos, producing poems, inspiration and more since 1997.

I enjoy and I am honored to create your dream as you see it. I am just a small company offering unqiue services to those that find me. With creativity and talent I can make your dream website, your music video or inspirational poem site.

I create websites, videos, produce music or many other services. Maybe just a simple facebook page. I am here to help you in any way I can. Maybe you want to do it yourself, let me teach you how!

Message from the founder

Thank you for the many years of teaching me how much fun it is to be online with all of you. Thank you for your intuitive ideas and creations which have enriched my life.

Kathy Foley - CEO

Our Services


You can create your dream website, music video or your social network.

Let me help you create your vision. I have packages available or ala carte services. Each plan is unique to each client. Some are hands on teaching and some are do it for you. Either I want to make this experience as easy as possible for you.

Service List

Services: Web Design | Social Media | Music & Video


Website Design Package

  • 1 Main Page includes:
  • Text Header/Text Name
  • Days & Hours of operation
  • Your Services
  • About Your Company
  • Contact Information
  • 2 pictures
  • 3 POP E-Mail Accounts
  • 1 Gigabyte of Traffic per month and 100MB Virtual Server Space
  • Starting at $599.00 for Economy Website Package
Ala Carte Services (additional fees apply)
  • Additional Website Pages & Custom Navigation
  • Ecommerce, Paypal, Ebay
  • Personal Training
  • Custom Graphics, Theme & Logo Design
  • Rendered Images (resizing, scanning, crop, borders, drop shadows, buttonizing, etc) also Digital Pictures & Video
  • Facebook and Twitter custom pages
  • Forms: (contest, surveys, shopping cart etc)
  • Sounds/Music and video productions
  • Monthly website updates and maintenance
  • Additional traffic per month charged per gigabyte
  • Hosting and Domain registration are additional fees

Social Media

Services: Web Design | Social Media | Music & Video

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Your Social Media makes your business:

  • Discoverable
  • Connected
  • Timely
  • Insightful
I can help you set up your pages and your company design for all these social media platforms.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
Remember: your social media is an extension of your business. It’s an easy way to share updates and more with the people who matter most. It’s ready to help you engage your customers on desktop and on mobile.

Services: Web Design | Social Media | Music & Video

Video and Music

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Let me help you get your videos and music to the listener:

  • Music Production
  • Picture Slide Show
  • Song Lyrics & Youtube
  • Movie Creation
I can help you set up your website with music links and downloads. Youtube play sites and more. I can create a video slide shows out of your old photo albums. Do you have a song you want made available to your fans, let me put it to video with the lyrics.
Remember: its not what you say or do, it's how you make them feel.

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